E-liquids Wholesale Inquiry Form

Whether you are the owner of a vape shop, a distributor, or buyer, purchasing quality products for a successful business is a critical part of success. With so many companies out there it can be hard to know which manufacturer to choose.

Paragon Juice is a Cyprus eliquid company that specializes in the production of quality e-liquid product ranges that are available at wholesale prices for your vape shop, distributors and buyers.

Why buy directly from a manufacturer?

When buying e-liquid products from a manufacturer you buy in bulk at wholesale prices, which means saving money for your business. You also know exactly what you are getting and which ingredients are going into the products you are buying. You also have faster access to new products that come out and don't have to worry about your distributor discontinuing a specific brand.

Our Wholesale Opportunity Program

Paragon Juice offers a Wholesale Program to vape shops, distributors, and buyers. Let us help take your business to the next level by partnering with us! We are a highly reputable and respected supplier of quality flavor shots and concentrated flavors.

Our company operates on the core principle of providing top quality products that are carefully handcrafted by experts who have been in the industry for years. We use only top-shelf ingredients and we have a strict manufacturing process that ensures only the best e-Liquids and vape flavors are created. Our products can be found in selected vape shops across Greece.

Our selection of experienced experts at Paragon Juice have been vaping for many years themselves and know what a top quality e-liquid should taste like. They look at key factors when crafting e-liquids:

  • Flavors to entice a variety of individuals tastes and needs
  • The strength of nicotine to please beginner vapers and long-term users alike
  • PG/VG Base ratios for a smoother eliquid use in your device
  • Taking into account the different devices on the market and how our eliquids will benefit the vaper.

Paragon Juice knows the vaping industry inside and out. We have made it our mission to offer you the best tasting concentrated flavors in the market at competitive prices. Our eliquids, flavor shots, and concentrated flavor products use only the highest quality raw materials that are sourced from the UK, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Products (e-liquids and flavors) available for wholesale 

  • e-Liquid Flavor Concentrates
    We have a big selection of flavor concentrates and not all of them are available on our website, send us an email and ask for our e-Liquid Flavor Concentrates catalog. 
  • e-Liquid Flavor Shots 
    We have three ranges to choose from ABYSS, Premium, and Total Eclipse. 
  • e-Liquid Shake n' Vape (Shortfills)
    We have three ranges to choose from ABYSS, Premium, and Total Eclipse. 
  • White Label e-Liquid Flavor Concentrates 
    Brand your own flavor concentrates.
  • White Label e-Liquid Flavor Shots
    Take our exceptional products and rebrand them under your own e-liquid brand.
  • White Label e-Liquid Shake n' Vape (Shortfills)
    Take our exceptional products and rebrand them under your own e-liquid brand.
  • OEM e-Liquids
    We can develop your own e-liquids with high-quality standards. 
  • OEM Flavor Concentrates  
    We can develop your own flavor concentrates with high-quality standards. 

Join Us Today!

Our eliquid products draw people back over and over, which is a great asset to your vape business. Plus, you can save money by buying in bulk through us. You'll get top quality products and customer care that is reliable when working with our team. We take pride in making sure you have a variety of popular e-liquid products that are dispatched quickly.

If you are interested in our e-liquid products range, please contact us via the below form, quoting your VAT Registration Number (for EU countries), a few details about your store, and the quantities that you are interested.

We will reply to your request by sending you our latest product catalog with wholesale prices and co-operation notes.

Give Paragon Juice eliquids a try today! You won't be disappointed.


E-liquids Wholesale Inquiry Form