e-Liquids: 2 Things That All New Vapers Need To Know September 28, 2018 18:20

Let me start by saying that it doesn't matter how good your device is how fancy or inexpensive, whether it's a pen mod or a box mod. Whether you are a direct lung or a mouth to lung vaper, if your e-liquid it's not working for you, you're not going to continue vaping and if you're using vaping as a means to stop smoking and get a little healthier that's going to be a problem.

In this article, I will let you know about two things that all the new vapers need to know about the e-liquids.

Let's get started I put together this article with two things that confuse many people when they first start vaping. If you are a more experienced vaper you may know them but read this article until the end, and I am sure there will be something here that you probably didn't know.

e-liquids tutorial for beginners

Number one is Flavor Profiles:

The first thing and probably one of the most important things that separate the e-liquids is the flavor. Every e-liquid has its flavor, and there are several different flavor profiles to choose from, tobacco flavors, fruity flavors, dessert flavors, mint-cooling flavors and so on.

You need to know that flavor "is the thing" that makes this work. We can replicate the hand-to-mouth action, we can have that mouthfeel, a little bit of throat hit, and it's very satisfying to bring in that vapor, but if the flavor is not your cup of tea, then you will not be satisfied.

The flavor can make you feel more satisfied and happy, but if you don't enjoy what you're doing or there's just no flavor whatsoever you're not going to stick with it. It's not going to be an adequate replacement for previous habits.

Because flavor is a subjective thing and a personal taste, e-liquid market in the vaping industry is vast, there are so many e-liquids out there that you will need 4 to 5 lifetimes to try them all, if even this is possible.

My recommendation, assuming you are a new vaper don't just go for one flavor, don't go and find only one e-liquid or one brand that you like, don't focus on one flavor profile (strawberry cheesecake).

Keep trying and swapping flavors, find new flavors and hunting for your all-day e-liquid, is one of the most exciting things in vaping; it will keep you going and help you stay away from the cigarettes.

At this point, I would like to say that not all the e-liquids are made equal, and not all pallets are the same. If a specific e-juice doesn't work for you, then it doesn't, move on and find the flavor that really works for you.

I am fortunate because I can develop the flavors I really like, but I didn't start vaping with my own e-juices. No, when I started, I was just like you, and the very first e-liquids that I ever tried was not for me. I had to keep trying different e-juices from different brands until I discover one specific vanilla custard flavor that was inexpensive and it worked really well for me.

Some people can be very lucky to find their all day flavor extremely quick, other might require more time. However, many people have gone through multiple e-liquids before they find something that sticks everyone seems to be searching for his or her all day vape.

I mean even if you're like me and you'd like to change it's nice to have a flavor that you can always rely on. My all-time favorite e-liquid is our own "Hounds of Hell".

The second topic of this article is the VG / PG ratios.

This is something that confuses many people, VG and PG are the two main components of an e-liquid if you buy a 100ml bottle of e-liquid it's a good chance at about 80ml or more of that is VG and PG.

The flavor and the nicotine that's a tiny tiny drop in that whole bottle it's next to nothing most of the carrier and most of what makes this work are those two chemicals.

Now PG stands for propyl glycol it's quite thin it carries really well, and it provides a nice little throat hit when you inhale it.

VG stands for vegetable glycerin it's much thicker than PG doesn't carry flavor quite as well but it does produce more volume of clouds, more vapor.

So the two of those mixed together they make your e-liquid, pretty much.

Back in the old days, most e-juices that you bought most commercially e-liquids would be pretty much equal measures of PG and VG, enough to make the throat hit and carrying flavor and enough to make a denser vapor.

It worked really well and devices that came out at that time were designed to work with the 50/50 ratio. However things have changed a bit, and people are searching for bigger and more denser clouds.

The DIY market boomed and started increasing the amount of VG, and the commercial manufacturers have followed this trend.

To suit consumers needs, the commercial e-liquids now days are more common to be found in the 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG mix. Sometimes you'll find some e-juices are just labeled max VG the reason they say max VG is because they can't produce a full VG e-liquids as the flavorings are often carried in a PG base.

The reason I am telling you this is because different e-liquids have different ratios and a 70/30 is going to be a lot thicker than a 50/50.

For example, if you are using a large big sub ohm tank (RDA) with big beefy coils and big wicking holes, a high VG e-liquid will work fine. However, a 50/50 blend in that same tank (RDA) you've got much more chance of leaking because the e-liquid is thinner and the airflow holes are big, so it's just going to run straight through.

RDA's are actually designed specifically for a higher VG e-liquid.

Now if you are an MTL (mouth to lung) vaper we are taking the opposite route, as MTL tanks are designed to have a higher resistance and much smaller wicking holes, they produce more flavor and fewer clouds.

So if you put a 70VG/30PG e-juice in there, it's going to have a much harder time wicking through those coils and you are going to get dry hits if you chain vape on it.

Now you understand that VG/PG ration, and you know why you need to be aware of it, you can choose the right e-liquid with the VG/PG mix you like for the style of vaping you enjoy the most.

I hope that with this article I helped you understand better the e-liquids and that it will keep you motivated and focused on vaping. Remember the reason why you swapped from smoking to vaping; you did this to provide to yourself a healthier life.

So if you have a difficult time to find your all-day e-liquid read this article or try our Cyprus Premium e-Liquids we have a selection of unique flavors and if you are in the DIY then give a try our flavor concentrates.