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e-Liquids: 2 Things That All New Vapers Need To Know September 28, 2018 18:20

Let me start by saying that it doesn't matter how good your device is how fancy or inexpensive, whether it's a pen mod or a box mod. Whether you are a direct lung or a mouth to lung vaper, if your e-liquid it's not working for you, you're not going to continue vaping and if you're using vaping as a means to stop smoking and get a little healthier that's going to be a problem.

In this article, I will let you know about two things that all the new vapers need to know about the e-liquids.

Let's get started I put together this article with two things that confuse many people when they first start vaping. If you are a more experienced vaper you may know them but read this article until the end, and I am sure there will be something here that you probably didn't know.

e-liquids tutorial for beginners

Number one is Flavor Profiles:

The first thing and probably one of the most important things that separate the e-liquids is the flavor. Every e-liquid has its flavor, and there are several different flavor profiles to choose from, tobacco flavors, fruity flavors, dessert flavors, mint-cooling flavors and so on.

You need to know that flavor "is the thing" that makes this work. We can replicate the hand-to-mouth action, we can have that mouthfeel, a little bit of throat hit, and it's very satisfying to bring in that vapor, but if the flavor is not your cup of tea, then you will not be satisfied.

The flavor can make you feel more satisfied and happy, but if you don't enjoy what you're doing or there's just no flavor whatsoever you're not going to stick with it. It's not going to be an adequate replacement for previous habits.

Because flavor is a subjective thing and a personal taste, e-liquid market in the vaping industry is vast, there are so many e-liquids out there that you will need 4 to 5 lifetimes to try them all, if even this is possible.

My recommendation, assuming you are a new vaper don't just go for one flavor, don't go and find only one e-liquid or one brand that you like, don't focus on one flavor profile (strawberry cheesecake).

Keep trying and swapping flavors, find new flavors and hunting for your all-day e-liquid, is one of the most exciting things in vaping; it will keep you going and help you stay away from the cigarettes.

At this point, I would like to say that not all the e-liquids are made equal, and not all pallets are the same. If a specific e-juice doesn't work for you, then it doesn't, move on and find the flavor that really works for you.

I am fortunate because I can develop the flavors I really like, but I didn't start vaping with my own e-juices. No, when I started, I was just like you, and the very first e-liquids that I ever tried was not for me. I had to keep trying different e-juices from different brands until I discover one specific vanilla custard flavor that was inexpensive and it worked really well for me.

Some people can be very lucky to find their all day flavor extremely quick, other might require more time. However, many people have gone through multiple e-liquids before they find something that sticks everyone seems to be searching for his or her all day vape.

I mean even if you're like me and you'd like to change it's nice to have a flavor that you can always rely on. My all-time favorite e-liquid is our own "Hounds of Hell".

The second topic of this article is the VG / PG ratios.

This is something that confuses many people, VG and PG are the two main components of an e-liquid if you buy a 100ml bottle of e-liquid it's a good chance at about 80ml or more of that is VG and PG.

The flavor and the nicotine that's a tiny tiny drop in that whole bottle it's next to nothing most of the carrier and most of what makes this work are those two chemicals.

Now PG stands for propyl glycol it's quite thin it carries really well, and it provides a nice little throat hit when you inhale it.

VG stands for vegetable glycerin it's much thicker than PG doesn't carry flavor quite as well but it does produce more volume of clouds, more vapor.

So the two of those mixed together they make your e-liquid, pretty much.

Back in the old days, most e-juices that you bought most commercially e-liquids would be pretty much equal measures of PG and VG, enough to make the throat hit and carrying flavor and enough to make a denser vapor.

It worked really well and devices that came out at that time were designed to work with the 50/50 ratio. However things have changed a bit, and people are searching for bigger and more denser clouds.

The DIY market boomed and started increasing the amount of VG, and the commercial manufacturers have followed this trend.

To suit consumers needs, the commercial e-liquids now days are more common to be found in the 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG mix. Sometimes you'll find some e-juices are just labeled max VG the reason they say max VG is because they can't produce a full VG e-liquids as the flavorings are often carried in a PG base.

The reason I am telling you this is because different e-liquids have different ratios and a 70/30 is going to be a lot thicker than a 50/50.

For example, if you are using a large big sub ohm tank (RDA) with big beefy coils and big wicking holes, a high VG e-liquid will work fine. However, a 50/50 blend in that same tank (RDA) you've got much more chance of leaking because the e-liquid is thinner and the airflow holes are big, so it's just going to run straight through.

RDA's are actually designed specifically for a higher VG e-liquid.

Now if you are an MTL (mouth to lung) vaper we are taking the opposite route, as MTL tanks are designed to have a higher resistance and much smaller wicking holes, they produce more flavor and fewer clouds.

So if you put a 70VG/30PG e-juice in there, it's going to have a much harder time wicking through those coils and you are going to get dry hits if you chain vape on it.

Now you understand that VG/PG ration, and you know why you need to be aware of it, you can choose the right e-liquid with the VG/PG mix you like for the style of vaping you enjoy the most.

I hope that with this article I helped you understand better the e-liquids and that it will keep you motivated and focused on vaping. Remember the reason why you swapped from smoking to vaping; you did this to provide to yourself a healthier life.

So if you have a difficult time to find your all-day e-liquid read this article or try our Cyprus Premium e-Liquids we have a selection of unique flavors and if you are in the DIY then give a try our flavor concentrates.

Start Vaping: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide September 26, 2018 13:16

Vaping is a growing trend both for people who are trying to quit traditional smoking and for those who are taking it on for recreational purposes. Vaping or smoking an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette for short) comes with its own rules and tools. If you are thinking about trying vaping for pleasure or switching to it for health reasons, you need to familiarize yourself with how it works and what you need to get started. In this article, I am going to be covering all those topics and more to give you the ultimate beginners’ guide to vaping. I am going to touch on the following specific topics:

  • The differences between vaping and smoking and the benefits of making the switch.
  • How to pick your device and the different options available.
  • How to choose the best e-liquid for you, and
  • Device accessories you should know about.

Ultimate Vaping Beginners Guide

Vaping Versus Smoking

Vaping involves using an e-cigarette to heat an e-liquid to generate a vapor, which is then inhaled to simulate the traditional cigarettes. The e-liquid can also be referred to as an e-juice or vape juice, and it contains three ingredients—namely nicotine, flavor, and a mix of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). More on these different substances is covered in the sections that follow. For now, let us look at the difference between vaping and smoking regular cigarettes.

There are many reasons people smoke, and although both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, there are some fundamental differences in how they work and what you can get out of them. It is important to note these especially if you are someone who is considering vaping as a way to give up smoking.

Nicotine is a chemical which is highly addictive and very similar to caffeine, so there are health concerns that you should be aware of with both smoking and vaping. One of the most significant aspects of vaping is the ability to choose your nicotine strength and regulate your intake, which gives you more control.

Concerning other chemicals, tobacco cigarettes contain more than 5000 harmful chemicals; around 20 of which are known carcinogens. These are either already present in the tobacco or come about as products of combustion and include hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. Besides cancer, many of these substances are linked to other health conditions such as heart disease.

In vaping, nothing is burnt, and there are considerably fewer chemicals present to talk about. This handful of chemicals includes flavors, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, tiny amounts of toxicants, carcinogens, heavy metals, and metal nanoparticles. There are therefore reduced cancer concerns.

It should be mentioned, however, that there is a lot less research done about vaping than smoking, Nevertheless, based on the process and chemicals involved in both, it is clear that switching from smoking to vaping cuts down the health risks massively.

There are other notable benefits of vaping compared with smoking cigarettes focused around safety, cost, health, and convenience:

  • Safety: According to extensive studies and statistics, smoking-related fires resulting in loss of life and property damage continue to be a significant cause for concern, but this is not an issue with vaping. Battery safety remains the most significant safety focus for e-cigarette manufacturers. 
  • Cost: Vaping saves you money. After buying an initial starter kit that can last you a year, you just need to purchase a weekly bottle of e-juice. For the smoker, it could be around five packets of cigarettes a week. Based on calculations for the average smoker, you can save around 75% of your costs when you vape instead!
  • Choice and flexibility: With vaping, you can choose your nicotine strength as already mentioned. There are different methods and devices available which are looked at later. There is also the flavoring option. 
  • Convenience: Because vaping does not produce smoke, there is more flexibility in where you can vape. It is less harmful to others around you, does not produce the masty smell of cigarettes, and does less harm to the environment regarding air pollution and cigarette stubs.

These are the significant benefits of vaping. It is also very user-friendly and you don’t have to worry about getting an ashtray, having a lighter with you, having a nasty tobacco breath, and making others uncomfortable. Now we shall look at the mechanics of vaping. You need an e-cigarette and an e-liquid to get started. There are a lot of options available depending on your preferences and goals.

A Guide to Picking the Ideal E-cigarette

The e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that you use to vape. This comes in different shapes and sizes according to the type of vaping you want to do.

The basic structure of the device is as follows.
Three parts make up the electronic cigarette - the battery that powers the device, the atomizer/tank that holds the e-liquid and produces the vapor with the help of the coil (metal wire and cotton) and the mod which regulates the power of the battery that will be transferred to the atomizer.

When you start out vaping, it does not have to be overly complicated. As you learn about different methods and e-cigarettes, you can try more involved methods and tools. In all this, it is essential to pay attention to the individual e-cigarette instructions as these differ by device and manufacturer.

The most comfortable and most basic form of vaping is known as standard vaping, and this involves vaping from the mouth to the lungs (MTL). Another type of vaping is direct to the lung (DL) where the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs.

Different devices and kits allow for different vaping experiences in how much vapor cloud is produced and in how much throat hit you get. You can also choose between large impressive devices and small obscure ones.

Here is a brief overview of some of the main device types to help you select the best one for you.

  • Cigalike: For those who like a slim e-cigarette that looks and feels like a regular tobacco cigarette, the cigalike is the best option for MTL vaping. It is the most comfortable to use. The device contains a small battery that may be manual (you need to press a button to heat the e-liquid) or automatic (activates with the air as you intake the vapor) depending on the make.
  • Starter Kit: In the package, you will find the atomizer/tank, replacement coils and the MOD which regulates the voltage and watts (the power - how fast and hard will heat up the coil), - a battery may be needed, if it is not included in the package. This is the best option and what I recommend to someone who is looking to start vaping now. 
  • High-End Mod: This is for more advanced users and people with experience in vaping, it can be more expensive without providing any real advantages comparing to regular mods coming with the starter kits. High-End Mods can be regulated or mechanical. I don't recommend a mechanical mod to any newcomer due to battery safety issues. 
  • Atomizer/tank: the atomizer has a coil made from metal wire and cotton. The atomizer holds the e-liquid in a container and wicks the cotton. Once the coil is heated - vapor is produced. 
  • Pod mods: In this type of e-cigarette, the e-liquid and atomizer cartridges are disposable.
  • RDA: This is the rebuildable drip atomizer. This is a good option for those who want to build their own coils. The e-liquid is not stored in a tank in this case; instead, the user manually drips it into the atomizer.
  • RTA: This is the rebuildable tank atomizer. This device also allows you to build your own coils, but unlike the RDA, there is a small reservoir to store your e-liquid on the device.

As you can see, there are many device options. It is best to understand how a device works and what you are going to need to use it for vaping before you buy it.

Selecting the E-liquid

I have already covered the function and ingredients of the e-liquid. As a refresher, the e-liquid (vape juice or e-juice) is stored in the cartridge or tank of the atomizer.

The atomizer heats it up using power from the battery, creating the vapor to be inhaled. E-liquid contains nicotine, flavor, and a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

There are many different varieties of e-liquid available for different kinds of vaping preferences.

You get to pick the nicotine content and the flavor. You can vary the nicotine content according to the kind of hit or sensation you want. If you decide to use a large device which produces big clouds, I recommend you use an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content to balance out the amount of vapor and throat hit you are taking in.

If you use something like a cigalike which is small and low-powered, you can take an e-juice with a higher nicotine concentration. So, the deciding factors should be how intense a nicotine experience you want and the size of the vapor cloud produced with your device.

To give you an excellent place to start, I recommend nicotine concentrations of 1.5-3mg/ml if you have a large, high-powered device. For smaller, low-powered devices, you can go higher and use up to12mg/ml (1.2%).

The majority of e-liquids have some ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) in them. In a 50/50 blend, these are in equal proportions. Higher PG e-liquids tend to be ideal for those wanting to experience stronger throat hit and lots of flavors. For those who are all about producing lots of vapor but with a milder hit, a higher VG liquid tends to be better.

You can also select from many different flavors for a unique vaping experience. Here at Paragon Juice we produce a wide range of e-liquids. Some of our flavors include fruity notes like Cherry Lemonade, dessert flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake, and tobacco flavors such as Aromatic Pipe Tobacco.

Nicotine Salts

As an additional special note, there is a new type of e-liquid available known as nicotine salts. These were created especially for those who were regular traditional smokers and tried to switch to vaping. They may have found that it was not entirely giving them the nicotine hit and satisfaction they needed and was therefore hard to keep up. This kind of vape juice contains a different type of nicotine. The benefit of using such a vape juice is, firstly, you get a higher hit and satisfaction similar to what you get with a cigarette, and secondly, you can use higher nicotine concentrations in the range of 30-50 mg/ml because these liquids are not as harsh on your throat.

Know Your Vaping Accessories

A good brand vaping kit can last you for a long time, and you only have to think about replacing the e-juice (and having an extra battery). As with everything, however, devices do get old and need to be replaced. There are a few e-cigarette accessories you should know about (and you will need to have most of them in your arsenal) and these are described below.

  • Batteries: By now you know that some devices have small batteries and others have large batteries. E-cigarettes are powered devices and need this energy for the vaporization process to take place. More about the batteries you can read here. The batteries for all the devices are rechargeable, although some models they don't have disposable batteries. So make sure you keep some replacement batteries on hand.
  • Cotton: This acts as the wicking material in the cartridge and absorbs the e-liquid which is then vaporized. - Have some with you all the times. 
  • Coils: The metal coils are the essential heating elements that make up the atomizer. They are usually made of Kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, or titanium. These draw power from the battery to vaporize the e-liquid. Because they are in constant use while you are vaping, heating up and cooling down regularly, they do wear out and require replacement here and there. If you notice that the vapor is becoming bitter, it is probably time to change the coil. 
  • Backup device: It is a good idea to get a backup device mainly if your current device works with a built-in battery. 

I believe the guide above has given you an excellent overview of the most critical vaping topics such as picking a device, choosing your e-juice, and understanding how vaping works and the benefits of it. It might seem a little intimidating to get started, but if you start out with an easy to use device, you can learn the basics of vaping.

After some time, you can start trying out different devices and e-juices until you find what works best for you and gives you the hit, cloud size, and overall experience you are looking for.

As a final word of advice, I highly recommend that you pay attention to all the instructions that come with the device and all the add-ons. This way you avoid mishaps and get a great vaping experience.

Exploring the Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking September 17, 2018 08:06

Benefits of Vaping

Electronic cigarettes (also known as vapes or vaporizers) are one of the most popular technological innovations of the 21st century, with vape companies and shops popping up everywhere. Among the reasons vaping has become so ubiquitous: it’s widely seen as healthier than smoking cigarettes, a very common vice that has recently waned in popularity due to the health problems it can cause. Although the data on vaping’s health consequences is still limited, some scientists have investigated its effects, and their findings have been mostly positive. If you’re a smoker who’s ready to give up the habit, vaping might be the healthy (or healthier) alternative you’re looking for.

Dangers of Smoking

Inhaling any combustible is unhealthy, but tobacco is particularly dangerous for you. It causes almost half a million deaths in the United States yearly, meaning nearly one in five people dies from smoking-related illness. It increases your likelihood of developing lung cancer by 25 times and more than doubles your risk of heart disease and stroke. It can also cause cancer in almost every other area of the body, including the stomach, esophagus, and liver. It reduces fertility in men, can affect your teeth and gums, and even increases your risk of cataracts. In short, smoking is deadly.

The Big Switch

Although e-cigarettes haven’t been around long enough for there to be conclusive data on their long-term health effects, scientists have eagerly begun exploring their potential as replacements for tobacco cigarettes, and some of their research is starting to have results. A study published in late 2017 in the journal Tobacco Control set out to find what happened to smokers who switched to vaping, over a ten year period. Adjusting for age and other factors, they found that switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes increased overall lifespan. The researchers believe that those who switched were limiting their exposure to toxins. Another study published in 2017 also compared those who’d switched with people who continued smoking. This study determined those who quit smoking completely when they started vaping showed dramatic reductions in carcinogens (the toxins that cause cancer) and other harmful substances.

Why People Are Hesitant

It’s actually no surprise that vaping is healthier than smoking. Removing actual tobacco, a substance laden with toxic substances, and combustion, a chemical process that’s not friendly to the human respiratory system, from the equation naturally reduces the harm to the body. But people are still leery of switching to vaping for a few reasons. For one thing, most vape juice still contains nicotine, which is an addictive and harmful substance, so people attempting to wean themselves off cigarettes with vapes may find themselves with a new, similarly expensive addiction-or they may be tempted to pick up smoking again if the vape hit isn’t satisfying enough. For another thing, certain flavors of vape have been found to be toxic, including some cherry flavor compounds. But it’s easy enough to find out which flavors to avoid. If you’re ready to stop smoking, switching to a vape is one way to still get your nicotine with a lot fewer health risks.

The Ultimate Quest for the ADV eLiquid August 20, 2015 07:20

Once every vaper begins his or her vaping journey, they will attempt the ultimate search to discover their All Day Vape (ADV). This is the flavour that becomes your go-to e-liquid. It's the one that you absolutely must taste at least once during your day. It's the one you make sure you never, ever run out of. Perhaps you can relate, and you've been on a journey of your own. 

The question is, how do you find the e-liquid that's everything you ever could have hoped for in an e-liquid? How do you find the right mix, with the right PG/VG ratio that satisfies you all day long, and well into the evening? While this is a journey that's different for everyone, here are a few tips to help you get started.

ADV by

Tip #1: Be adventurous

Many newbie vapers make the mistake of assuming that they're going to enjoy tobacco-flavored e-liquid, or menthol-flavored e-liquid because of the type of cigarettes they smoke. While some vapers are very content with tobacco and menthol flavours, most of them find that they taste very different from cigarettes. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, especially when you're just a beginner. For example, let's say you absolutely hate oranges. You avoid orange juice at all costs, and you can't even stand to be in the same room as someone who is peeling an orange. However, once you try a citrus-flavored e-liquid, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the flavour graces your palate very differently than the actual fruit does. Try e-liquid from different groupings to find what seems to suit you the most - coffee flavours, bakery flavours and even candy flavours are all excellent choices, and your ADV might just be lying within their midst.

Tip #2: Be creative

If you've tried a variety of different e-liquids, and you still haven't found one you would consider your ADV, there's nothing wrong with putting your creativity to work. Some flavours work even better when they're combined. Of course, it's always a good idea to start slowly. You wouldn't want to mix a large batch of chocolate and strawberry only to find that those two particular flavours don't blend well, even though they sounded good when you started. Try small amounts at first, and see if you can come up with a creation that's all your own. You can also do some research and find out some more information about making your own e-liquid right at home. Many vapers find that preferable because it allows them more room to experiment and find something they really like.

Tip #3: Be patient

Finally, it's important for you to be patient while you're searching for your ADV. Patience is an absolute must when it comes to vaping. Whether you're just starting out, or you've been vaping for years, you know that vaping takes a lot more work than just pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. The same is sometimes true for e-liquid. When you try a new e-liquid with a new clearomizer, or with a new coil or wick, that first vape isn't always the most pleasant. Give the e-liquid some time to seep into the wick so that you get a real taste of what you're vaping. Oftentimes, when you first buy e-liquid it can take some time to become "all that it can be," which is why many vapers choose to steep their new e-liquid; sometimes for weeks at a time.

When it comes right down to it, there's no real way to pinpoint what you will find to be your ADV. We are all unique, and our preferences vary greatly. Even so, with a little time, and by following the above tips, it won't be long before you find the e-liquid that you're proud to call your ADV and if it happens to be one of our e-liquids we will be extremely satisfied that we helped you.

On our online Cyprus Vape Store, you will find a selection of eliquids, flavour shots, SNV eliquids and flavour concentrates all made with the best materials in Cyprus for your all day vape needs. 

Are electronic cigarettes safe? June 7, 2015 08:38

Electronic cigarettes are being marketed as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. But just how safe are e-cigarettes? Are there any health risks? Let's examine electric smoking and compare it to "real" smoking so you can make an intelligent decision if this may be a wise smoking alternative for you.

The most harmful aspect of smoking cigarettes is the 4,000 toxic chemicals that are inhaled when you burn tobacco. It's the actual smoke that is causing lung cancer and respiratory disease, not the nicotine. With electronic smoking none of these 4,000 toxic chemicals are produced because there is no smoke... nothing is actually burning. No smoke means no tar, carbon monoxide, etc.

But what about the nicotine? E-cigarettes still deliver nicotine. How dangerous is that? More independent studies on the effects of nicotine by itself need to be done. Right now the health risks are still inconclusive. Nevertheless, it's obvious that a method of delivering nicotine that doesn't involve real smoke is going to be much safer than burning tobacco.

The FDA recently reported that traces of carcinogens where found in a sample of electronic cigarette nicotine liquid. However, these same carcinogens are also found in nicotine delivery alternatives like the patch and gum (which are both approved by the FDA). Also keep in mind that many every day foods like peanut butter contain trace levels of carcinogens. This is not to say that we should not be concerned about it. Just keep it in perspective. It's important to remember that the dose of a particular carcinogen is an important factor in it's toxicity. If carcinogens are present in e-cigarette vapor, it doesn't not appear to be in high doses. Right now there is no evidence that these carcinogens are are even translated into the actual electronic cigarette vapor that is inhaled.

Are electronic cigarettes totally safe? Until more studies are done it's probably a good idea to be on the side of caution and assume that they are not 100% safe. But when you compare it to "real" smoking there really is no comparison. One thing we know for sure is that tobacco smoking is incredibly dangerous, expensive and inconvenient. E-cigarettes give smokers an alternative that appears to be much safer and will probably save countless lives. Given a choice between the two? I think it's a no brainer...

What is an electronic cigarette? November 10, 2014 00:00

When I first heard about the electronic cigarette my first reaction was that this was a novelty item that wasn't to be taken seriously. But upon closer inspection I realized that this is an ingenious invention that has the potential to revolutionize the way people smoke forever.

What exactly is an electronic cigarette? Here is a description of what it is, how it works and how it can potentially benefit you or a loved one.

The e-cigarette is a battery powered device that might look, feel, taste, and react like a cigarette... but it's not a real cigarette! It even delivers nicotine but without the harmful smoke, tar and chemicals associated with real tobacco smoke. The nicotine is inhaled via a clean odorless vapor.

An electronic cigarette is typically made up of two main parts:

1. Atomizer
2. Battery

Let's go over what each component does:

1. Atomizer. This heats up and vaporizes a mixture of liquid nicotine. The sensation of inhaling this vapor is very similar to real cigarette smoke but without the same health risks. It even has a warm feel to it which adds to a realistic experience. The vapor produces a cloud that looks like smoke but is actually just a mist that quickly disappears.

2. Battery. Nothing too complicated here, just a rechargeable battery that powers the atomizer. The lifespan of batteries varies from model to model. The lifespan depends on the number of mouth puffs. Typically it will for a day or two before having to recharge the battery.

The electronic cigarette can be surprisingly similar to the real thing but without the same health risks. There is no lingering offensive odor. It's also a lot less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. This combined with the fact that you can use it anywhere makes e-smoking a sensible and healthier alternative, one worth considering either for yourself or a loved one.