Paragon Juice - Premium Cyprus e-liquids and flavors!

Who Are Paragon Juice?

Paragon Juice was founded in 2014 and consists of a team of experts who have not only been in the vaping industry for years and know it well but are vapers themselves. Our flavor manufacturing facility is based out of Cyprus and our products can be found in many vape shops across Cyprus and Greece. All of our products have been created with the core principle of providing our customers with eliquids and Concentrated Flavors of the highest quality.

The vaping industry environment has changed over the past year, with new laws and regulations set out for a safer vaping experience. We've made sure our products meet these standards and our understanding of the vaping environment is a crucial part of our crafting process. So you know you are getting only the best from us.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is pretty simple! We focus on one main thing, and that is to make eliquids and flavors that people will love. We are dedicated to crafting only the best, a fact that you can see in our Concentrated Flavors, eliquids, and flavor shots. We use top quality ingredients and a meticulous crafting process for flavors that are smooth and enjoyable.

Our Vision

Paragon Juice strives to keep improving our products and manufacturing process, and we take vaping very seriously. Our vision is to be the most accessible eliquid brand in Europe that offers only the best quality in our products. We are also aiming to help people convert from smoking to vaping with our top quality eliquids.

Solutions That We Provide

For Smokers – If you are looking to quit smoking we can help you take that next step. By switching to vaping products you can ease the process of reducing your nicotine intake. Our eliquids can be mixed with different strength nicotine shots that taste better and are healthier and cleaner alternative to cigarettes.

For Vapers – Whether you vape with nicotine or not, our products offer you top quality eliquids and flavors that you will come to enjoy. You may even find your all day flavor! We provide the highest quality ingredients and know what vapers like in their eliquids.

For Shop Owners – Vape shop owners can benefit from our wholesale options. All of our products are crafted in our very own lab in Cyprus and are tested rigorously by our experts to bring you a satisfying vape experience. We solve the problem of dealing with a middleman by giving buyers direct access to our products. You won't have to worry about products being discontinued by distributors and are guaranteed to receive products that are top shelf. Let us help put your Vape Shop on the map with our high-quality Premium Eliquids and Gourmet Flavors.

Getting Started

If you're looking for a satisfying vaping experience, quality eliquids, and a respected eliquid manufacturer then go no further! Sign up for our newsletter and benefit from our special offers, as well as hearing about any new products coming out. We'll keep you updated with all of the latest vaping news. Come join us today!

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